I went to Dazya Stream… English Blog #2

Last weekend the weather was good and we decided to do a bicycle tour. The tour started from Abdullah Gül Park at 13:00 pm.

The Tour Started…

We went to Kesikbaş Bridge by Cumhuriyet Street and from there we went to Dazya road by Atatürk Street. The people we saw on the road were working in the gardens. The shepherds grazed their cows and sheep. The dogs we saw on the road chased us, but they didn’t succeed because we was very fast. “:)” The tour was very exciting. We have taken nice photos during the tour.

After 15 kilometers of cycling, we have arrived the target. We ate something and got rest for sometime. We enjoyed nature and set to road back. We have finished the tour in Abdullah Gül Park.

Wath the video…

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